Made deliciously different to make your day.

What do we do?

We create bespoke, innovative and authentic premium patisserie & desserts.

Our commitment is to offer products of the highest standard in the way ingredients are sourced, the way products are developed, produced, presented and delivered to you.

Who are our clients?

We work with a large list of loyal clients ranging across the entire food services industry and beyond.

Clients include international airlines, well-known restaurant chains and a highly reputable distribution platform.

We are also covering prestigious events such as Wimbledon, Glyndebourne Opera and more.

Who are we?

We are a team of professionals truly passionate about patisserie.

It is that same passion that has brought us fantastic recognition over 25 years.

What can we do for you?

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can create premium patisserie for you.

Our friendly and professional approach makes the entire process enjoyable and you can rest assured we will surpass your expectations.

We look forward to hearing from you today.